Donald Trump in Mexico: "We Did not Discuss Payment Of The Wall. That Will Be for A Later Date"

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On Wednesday Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto held a joint press conference in Mexico City, Mexico after a private meeting. Some key quotes from the press conference.

Trump: We did discuss the wall. We didn't discuss payment of the wall. That will be for a later date. This was a very preliminary meeting. I think it was an excellent meeting. I think we are very well on our way.

A lot of the things I said are very strong but we have to be strong. We have to say what's happening. There is crime, as you know. There is a lot of crime and there is a lot of problems. But I think together we'll solve those problems. I really believe that the president and I will solve those problems. We will get them solved.

Illegal immigration is a problem for Mexico as well as us. Drugs are a tremendous problem for Mexico as well as us. I mean, it's not a one-way street. And we will work together and we will get those problems solved.


Trump basically 'insulted' every Mexican Citizen & claims Mexico will pay for his BILLION DOLLAR White Elephant on the Mexican-US border...I don't think Mexicans are THAT [email protected] Stupid! This WALL solves NOTHING...why? has 2 ENDS that are basically ocean! What's stopping Mexicans from coming in BY SEA?(Save for OUR overworked Coast Guard)...George Lopez says Mexicans are extemely GOOD at digging tunnels!...what happens when a section of this WALL gets blown to smithereens by dynamite?...We've also had some Mexicans just FLY over the border! If Trump builds a 35 foot tall concrete Monstrosity...there will be Mexicans on the other side selling 36 foot tall 'ladders'...the ONLY thing that WORKS is positioning OUR National Guard on the border with our Immigration Officers! The National Guard is for DEFENDING our nation FIRST! Not to send to the other side of the world to fight in the Middle East! Only 'boots on the ground' will work at OUR BORDER! No WALL is going to work! This is also a win-win situation for the Guard because their families can visit them on the Border...increasing revenue for the border area...Places to EAT & Hotels will definitely make a PROFIT!

Thank you for your comment and not agreeing with what is said about Mexican people!

My take on things is that Hillary Clinton will be rocked by a major scandal in the next few weeks. Wikileaks will hit her with something. Something big enough to derail her. We will get 4 years of Trump and be wondering why we never chose Bernie Sanders

not sure how well the wall will work out with the north american union? lol

Taxpayers will be paying for it. Legalized theft.

put a 25% tariff on money leaving the country to Mexico via casa de cambio or banks. Wall paid for

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