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RE: WikiLeaks Exposes How Council on Foreign Relations Controls Most All Mainstream Media—Time to Switch to Steemit

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Wow that is an incredible chart. I will be using that in a video in the near future. It has long been apparent that the Council of Foreign Relations serves as the command center for the corporate global government, but it is nice to have the backing of the extensive research done in the article above.
The oligarchy is terrified of losing their monopoly over the control of information. This is why "fake news" was a top topic at Bilderberg this year, Hillary Clinton and Obama led the original pubic call to censor "fake news", and CNN introduced the term "fake news". Ironically they now have asked the public to stop using the term. Lies travel around the world in an instant, but the truth wins in the long run.

Social media has accelerated this process. In the past it used to take years to expose media lies, but now it takes hours, sometimes minutes. The people now control the narrative. The questions is can we keep control? Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Google have cracked down on free speech.
We must continue to fight on those platforms to wake up more minds, but must also bring more people to platforms like Steemit, which at least for now seem censorship proof. We will see.


this chart reveals the entire system of information control from the media to the politicians. It is damning and paints a seriously ominous picture of what most Americans would call reality.

My personal opinion is that two objectives must be met to facilitate a long term awakening in America. First, decentralize the media. Charts like the one above obviously help with that cause. The more people that become aware of the connection between government and media the more outraged people will be at attempts to censor alternative media. Second, the decentralization of the education system. We can spend infinite time and effort debunking media lies and "waking" minds but it will continue to be an uphill battle as long as the State gets a monopoly of access to young minds for the first 18+ years of their lives. The State controlling education not only leads to mass indoctrination, it also takes away people's ability to think freely using logic and reason. I believe my first book might be on this topic.

Good point

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