What do you think of your own country?

in #news5 years ago (edited)

I grew up in the States and asking these questions of Americans would probably start with "Freedom" with a common answer, but a lot of Japanese begin with "Safety or Peace" as the first thing because it is one the safest places on earth.

In fact, I often feel stressed after bring kids to the States for a trip because I have to go into parent protection mode and restrict the kids a lot more for their own safety. But here they stat leaving home on their own, with very little worries, from kindergarden, and we are never afraid they out by themselves. And my daugheter who is a teenager will come home late alone walking a number of back steets with never having any issues. It is a pretty cool feeling, and it's pretty special in a turbulant world.

As far as happy where you were born, this is something similar for both Japan and the US - of course not everyone feels this way but a clear majority do.

But how do the comments in the video compare to where you live with attitudes and thoughts of people in your own country?

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