Stunning Snow photos around Tokyo

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The last time it snowed in November in Tokyo JFK was president and the first time since 1875 to have an snow accumulation in November. Even in a normal winter it's rare to have snow on the ground for any long periods of time.

It's all but gone today but we are left with some really cool beautiful snow pics of various places around the Tokyo area.

This is Asakusa temple that is very popular with tourists

While some continued on their daily life going to work.

But is was not so easy in places.

The sidewalks weren't as crowded as normal.

The snow didn't stop a wedding from taking place at Meiji Shrine and actually made for a wonderful backdrop to the wedding procession.

A number of people went to the parks and shrines to take various pics for the snow. This one in Nerima ward.

And this one at the shrine in Kamakura

A shot looking out on the greenery covered in snow as people walked by.

And when you couldn't be out in the snow enjoying it then you just looked out a window to watch it fall like this little boy did with such a glimmer in his eyes.

That's always the best part of snow... seeing the kids enjoy it. My boys wanted to have enough to make a snow man which wasn't possible but they still got to throw snowballs at each other. And it was a really fun unexpected surprise for all of us.

Hope they will get a chance to make a snowman this year because last year I don't think it was possible. Except they do have a festival in the middle of Winter called the Kanda Ogawamachi Yukidaruma (snowman) Fair where they bring in these big blocks of snow all long the major steets for peope to carve into snowmen. My kids have gone a few times and always have a great time since they typically never see snow packs like that ever.


Beautiful snowing pics. Enjoyed See you :D

beautiful photos

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