Outrage in Japan after 5000 dead fish put in ICE skating rink

in #news5 years ago

An amusement park in Kita-kyushu shuts down soon after openning their new attraction gets slammed on social media.

The park officials thought having an attraction where visitors could skate over fish like being on the ocean could be entertaining and also a learning experience for teaching about a variety of fish. So they acquired around 5000 fish from the local fish market already froozen and setup the rink.

But a large number of people felt it was disrespectful and a waste of life and food. Also some of the ways they setup rink was frankly in poor taste with using fish to spell HELLO and another section to make an arrow.

It says it all... HELLO - What are you guys thinking!? Well, one key thing they are thinking about now is extreme regretf. So much so that they will be holding a memorial for the fish but only after all thaw out in around a week.


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