[Amazing] Japan repairs Giant Sinkhole in just 48 hours

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Looking for a lesson in government efficency and engineering mastery then look at this mind blowing feat where a major intersection sank on November 8th in Fukoka Japan was back to normal in just 2 days.

The local government immediate jumped into action to repair the underground piping, remove the leaked sewage water, restore power & gas lines, and then fill the hole with a proper mixture of sand and cement to assure long term stability. Here is the before and after.

In most cities around the world they'd probably just be forming a committee to accomplish all these things but in Japan, they have action plans in place for these types of events . So the could just get straight to work and finished the enormous repair working non-stop for 48 hours.

What makes it more impressive is when you see the video that someone captured of the sinkhole collapsing. This is some massive damage that would be devesting and long term repercussions anywhere else.

From personal experience, I've actually seen how qucik the local municipalities can be because we had a softball size sinkhole form on my road which is basically an alley.

I came home on a Saturday and I saw my neighbor putting up stand with a sign saying "BE CAREFUL - hole in road" and she just put it right in the middle of the one lane street. We get some cars but mostly bicycles and walkers that if they hit the hole at night, it could be dangerous. I was also worried about my boys who of course wanted to get right up next to it to look down. And I had to have a long talk about the dangers of sinkholes with them and showed them some Youtube videos to try to scare them away.

On Sunday night, I said to my wife when she thought they'd come out and fix a hole like that on a non-essential side street like ours. She said.. "oh didn't you hear them earlier in the day fixing it." I was really shocked that they fixed it on a Sunday and even though it was right next to our house, I wasn't even woken up by a jack hammer or anything.

So I've experienced the fast moving might of the Japanese engineering machine that keeps their cities repaired and in top shape. So if Trump is looking to make "America Great Again" then he needs to send a team to Japan and get learning how they can be so fast and efficient.

Sometime I'll tell you the story about how I forced the city ward office to fix a low hanging mirror used for drivers to see around blind corners. It's pretty interesting and all my Japanese friends thought it was hopeless to ask. but I'll share how I got them to do it.


Amazing, thanks for share..follow and upvoted. Cheers

terrible.. nobody hurt?

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