Crazy Hail Storm and Flash Flooding in Tokyo

in #news5 years ago

A good buddy of mine filmed the wild experience. He thought at first it was tornado as he came down from his 3rd floor room.

He said he was getting pelted by a number of different size jagged rock ice while filming and probably will have some bruises tomorrow.

NOTE: Please Do Not be alarmed - NO Pikachuas were injured in the filming of this video. :)

I live close by and this area of Tokyo is up higher than most places in the city. So I'm concerned that flash flooding in other low lying areas could have been devistating and destructive.

At first, I thought it was just a typical summer thunder storm, but then the lightning started hitting buildings close enough to feel the shock waves.

It did calm down for few minutes but then all the sudden all hell broke loose. Everything started ramping up to this enormous rumbling sound like a freight train is coming. And you could just feel the walls shaking all around. I went to hundlded up with my son who was freaking out but asking lot of questions... what's happening, why is there ice cubes failing from the sky, is the water going to wash away our bikes, are the windows going to break, etc.

It lasted a good 5 minutes or so. Here is the street how it looked after the hail storm stopped.

Really hope everyone is safe and these videos are just a reminder of the awesome power of mother nature even in a super developed city like Tokyo is no match.

Cheers and be safe out there!


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