James Corbett Interview - The Social Media Regulation Psyop

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In a time of such obvious deceit and aggressive manipulation, not only by those who once sought our votes or our subservience, but today even by each other, unwittingly doing the bidding of those who seek to control our every purchase, our every click, view and action, one would think that every plan and decision put forth by these known liars of our recent past and present political elite, would be immediately scrutinized and deconstructed for motivation and corruption. Yet that is not exactly the case, at least not where it matters. How did this come about? How did they create a culture in which we are now doing the deceiving for them, one in which we are no longer skeptical but accepting, willing, pleading for their solution? This happened, as it always has, by allowing us to think that it is of our own creation. Creating a problem for which they have already been planning a “solution” for years, waiting for us to react accordingly, and then giving the slightest of resistance, lest we feel we did not have to fight for what we have been programmed to think we want. And finally they put into effect what they wanted all along, allowing us to think we won the day. What we are seeing today with the proposed regulation of the currently trending social media outlets, is no different, and here with me once again to discuss this long-con and its possible repercussions and solutions is James Corbett.

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Great interview, I love it when you two get together. Really important subject matter and I agree that James' - Problem Reaction Solution Internet Edition was so absolutely razor sharp in cutting right to the heart of the matter. Even, I will admit that until I heard him spell it out I was starting to get sucked into that narrative! just shows you the power of their propaganda machines, they know how to coral most of us like cattle.
Resteemed :)

I am curious....why are you living in Japan vs USA?

James, what is your opinion about Qanon? I recently was introduced to Qanon.

Great guest ❗️Great interview . I’m a strong believer that nothing forced is good . Free market enterprise , free speach , our original constitution , and our very basic human rights are NOT FOR SALE❗️So don’t ask ❗️