Twitter Suspends, Then Reinstates, Then Limits Caitlin Johnstone's Account For A Political Opinion

in #news2 years ago

"In a corporatist system of government, wherein government power and corporate power are not separated in any meaningful way, corporate censorship is state censorship."

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this here is da problem

keep fighting against da machine

yo thats da system messing with da people
capitalism sucks

Who are the five media corps controlling all the news? I'd love to have authoritative link to the answer.

Keep up the great work! I wish I could give you two up-votes.

(sorry if this comes through more then once. I tried posting on dtube a couple times first)

*Edit: After posting that it came out really small and requires zooming in, so here is the link to an article as well:

Here is a helpful infographic, and Time Warner was bought out by AT&T:


Critical thinking would lead any intelligent person to conclude that McCain is a freaking warmonger!

@caitlinjohnstone actually predicted she would be censored a few days ago, she said do not be suprized if you see a new account called Baitlin Bohnstone continuing to be critical of war and warmongers.

silenced for abusing a war criminal with words? lol 😂

we do not need goverment to get involved, telling corps what they can/cant do.
do they do a good job at anything?
fuck these companies, when people start leaving, for new platforms, they will die, and the new ones will learn what they can and cant get away with.

exactly my thoughts bro :)

I would suggest that all main social site content creators should upload their content to the alternative sites like, bitchute, gab, minds etc. as well as their usual sites.

Then over a period of about a month or two, provide the links to their work on these new sites, clearly on youtube/twitter/fb etc. and encourage their audience to go to their content on these new sites, to get them to experience these sites and consequently spread the word.

You could for example cut some of the more "controversial" material out of the youtube/twitter version, and preferably in subtle ways, inform your audience that the un-redacted versions are only available at these new sites.

Also download all your content and all related data from youtube etc. if you don't already have a backup version of it.

ya u got a great idea there playa

It's world trend. In Russia some people go to jail because of repost in social media