Project Veritas video IV - Rigging the Election, the 20k wire transfer from Belize!

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Project Veritas IV - Rigging the Election series.

In this fourth video he once again gets DNC employees to admit the voter fraud, inciting violence, and now explaining how they route money anonymously to pay for these crimes. Luckily, the money and accounts in Belize were setup and owned by James O'Keefe! So they now have video proof of conspiracy to commit crimes, video proof of the crimes, and proof that money was received and transferred specifically fund these crimes. As more than one celebrity judge has mentioned, these are all separate prosecutable crimes and each video is a legally acceptable confession of a crime. Lets hope these court cases gets as much airtime as Trump's dirty jokes.

Project Veritas video IV - Rigging the Election, 20k wire transfers from Belize!

You can find more information and the previous 3 videos at the Project Veritas website and the authors Twitter feed.


Thanks for posting... All knowledge is good knowledge.

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