Megan Kelly interrogates Donna Brazil about videos of DNC inciting violence and Wikileak emails

in #news8 years ago (edited)

In a rare display of journalistic integrity, Megan Kelly cornered the Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee after the presidential debate and asked her some very uncomfortable questions.

Instead of delivering a prepared debate review, she was questioned about the Project Veritas videos of DNC employees planning on inciting violence and DNC employees explaining voter fraud plans. She also got in a few questions about wikileaks emails showing Donna Brazil had the previous presidential debate questions the day before it aired.

The DNC Chairwoman's attempted dodging and weaving around the questions is as comical as the busted look on her face, and even includes actual cries of persecution before kind-of giving up and mumbling about not hiding anything.

It is nice to see a cable news anchor call someone out for once.

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