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OWC has just announced their forthcoming DEC - an upgrade solution that clips flush to the latest Macbook Pro providing much needed additional capacity and connectivity.

Mixed reviews..

The 2016 Macbook Pro has received mixed reviews following their decision to remove the USB A ports meaning you not only have to pay for the laptop but then for a series of dongles to make it work. Apple also removed the SSD Card slot and it's ingenious magnetic charging solution; MagSafe.

Extra connectivity...

The new device from OWC adds 4 TB of storage, USB 3 A ports, an SD Card slot and Ethernet Port. The device will be the same thickness as a 2012 MBP and according to OWC it seamlessly integrates with your MacBook Pro.

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as a music producer on macbook pro, intrigued with this product. thanks for the share!


It's interesting isn't it. My mid 2014 Retina is still solid for me with Logic/Pro Tools/FCPX.


if got a quad i7, should be good to go, and really not that many upgrades since.

I'm definitely due for a new one soon, 2011 duo i5 definitely not cutting it when time to lay on the plugins for a mix... :-)

A pro move by owc! This is good to know. I feel like macbook pro interface isolated itself this time around. As an architect I need the flexibility this add-on provides! Thanks for sharing :)


The other option is Windows :)

thats interesting ben. thanks for sharing

thanks thisisbenbrick! ;) i ask myself who needs 4TB ? I mean, I stream a lot and save a lot of videos and so on but i could never fill 4 TB as long as i won't start storing every single file.

Very interesting new product, especially for me running on a Mac Book Pro of late-2011 manufacture. Thanks a bunch, I had heard so much awful comments about the latest Macs, their popularity is dropping quickly with their newst products. Namaste :)