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I will certainly be waiting for #TheVenusProject

The world awaits! <3 Thanks once again, for everything you're doing and you're trying to do. There are a lot people, like me, that really appreciate your hard work!

Much love, Luka.

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Every economic system is based on resources...


What is Resource Based Economy?
Read FAQs here:


Yes, it sounds very nice. But it is just another centralized control of resource use.

Who is going to decide on how much each person gets? And how will they enforce these decisions? How will this system deal with non-conformers? By starving them? By the point of a gun?

What will happen is that the same people who control the world's resources now, will simply take over the power positions in this new economic system and again control all the resources.

The main flaw with this ideology is the belief that there are limitless resources. This is a false premise. Resources are limited by the reality we live in. It takes effort and time to gather and use resources. And this is where this system will fail. It will be unable to follow through on its promises of plenty and easy living.