Article 13 and Article 11 approved by European Union, banning memes

in #news5 years ago

Under Article 13, every EU platform will be obliged to filter everything users post -- not just videos, but stills, audio, code, games, text, everything.



Truly sad.

Wtf? How is this going to ever possibly be enforced?! Totally idiotic and sure to backfire.

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Discord follows EU rules and made us sign in late May. A lot of my groups require discord for votes. Aww man!!
I thought i was the only person who put people to sleep with my voice lol. It's a gift for working with children ...i think. Idk. But it is a gift.

This just shows how desperate these meat puppet communist assholes are . A troll used my face without my permission and I’m going to sue now using this law just to fuck them .

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