"Faith Goldy Dated Justin Trudeau!" and Other Illegal Assertions

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One of the Queens of /pol/ went for drinks with the King of The Cucks.. ugh.
It's the Smoke and Fog of war (election campaign time means war, of course.)
But be careful what you say this election season, you might get sued in Canada.
A childish little soap-opera plot is being foisted upoun us while bigger, more important election-related news slips through the cracks-- including a draconian anti-freedom of speech law quietly passed by the Liberals. Also Andrew Scheer's promised tax-cut to the poor and middle-class (what's left of it.)

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Another election and no one to vote for once again ... The liberals and PC have lied to me for almost 60 years .. And are still lying to us now ... so there is no way I would ever vote for habitual liars ... The NDP are just another joke that never speak of anything of real matter ... Its all just a distraction from the real problems ... Land distribution .. Election Reform.. Bank reform ... Its said if people knew how the banking and monetary system really worked we would have a revolution by morning .. land hording by the gov .. Canadians have access to 1% of the land mass of Canada ..90% Crown 6% Agriculture .. 3 % Corporate 1% for Canadians.. The Green Party running on the fake climate hype ... Then we have another 10 or so parties that cannot even get mentioned in the media ... not 1 in 10000 Canadians even know we have a dozen parties to vote for ... I hold out no hope for the sheeple of Canada in this election ...Sheeple to the slaughter .....