Republicans Have A Plan For 2018, And It Involves Hillary

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The Republicans have a plan for 2018. That plan is centered on Hillary Clinton. According to Fox News, Hillary is “starring” in their strategy.

“We’re going to make them own her,” Republican National Committee representative Rick Gorka told Fox News. Over the last 2 years, Hillary Clinton has been a thorn in the side of the Democrats. As a matter-of-fact, many have made the statement: Why won’t she just go away.”

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The problem is a big one. Hillary refuses to go away because she still isn’t finished blaming everyone but herself. She even went as far as blaming former President, Barak Obama. Us as Conservatives are waiting for her to blame her Husband, Bill Clinton, as well. It won’t be long,

Corry Bliss of the Congressional Leadership Fund super PAC told Fox News “I promise you that you’ll continue to see it — Hillary Clinton starring in our paid media. She’s a very powerful motivator.” He went on to say, “It’s about what she represents. What she represents, just like what Nancy Pelosi represents, is out-of-touch far-left liberal positions.”

According to reports, three Democrats pose a threat to the success of the DNC. The threats are Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Maxine Watters. With the passing of every business day, we see them become more and more delusional with their “Trump derangement syndrome.”

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So, the Republicans have a plan to “make them own” Hillary is sure to convert some of the CNN parroting liberals that have no clue what they are talking about. Sadly, they consider themselves, “woke.” However, there is nothing “woke” about thinking Hillary would make a better president than Donald Trump. (Think Benghazi, Uranium One, and her email scandal.)

Due to their constant derangement regarding the president, they have all actually fallen back to sleep. Take Maxine Watters for example. She is neglecting her job because she is on a one-track mission to impeach Trump, without any reason. As a matter-of-fact, last year, Nancy Pelosi had to rebuke the Democrats sharply by telling them they can’t just impeach a president because they don’t like him.

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I join the many conservatives is patiently anticipating how this new plan will play out. Republicans have a plan, and I for one can’t wait to see the DNC squirm. Who knows, If the Democrats keep going with their insanity, we may not even need any special plans. They may keep getting caught with their pants down. I am sure I speak for all conservatives by saying this: Mr. Trump, we still aren’t tired of winning yet!

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