Tucker Carlson Tells Truth About Syria - Crosses Trump

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Tucker Carlson is the surprising voice of reason on Syria.

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Some good stuff, glad to have you on steemit, @thejimmydoreshow enjoy your show even though I'm a small l libertarian. Glad some people on the "left" seem to have integrity.

Arguendo assuming Assad did these crimes--which it seems claims of past attacks have been based on misinformation according to Theodore Postol--creating more territory for radical Wahabbists could lead to even more people dying in chemical attacks, so very unlikely to be worth it.


Good to know that the broken grandfather clock is right twice a day. Yet however, as seen with your other recent post, I think really it's showing the Universal unity within the bourgeois class is splintering even heavier amongst the Democratic and Republican party factions of the bourgeoisie.
Since Neo-Liberalism had certainly made the antagonisms inside the class rather subdued and appeased, yet with how the war in Syria is failing, a part of the ruling class recognizes their defeats and doesn't want a farce of a previous tragedy like the Vietnam war. And we must remember that as such, while it's good that they are pulling back finally and won't commit to literal imperialism against Syria, their voice of reason and truth-making is after they had the humility to just concede the war-effort and pull out to maintain what integrity they do have. Yet it shouldn't be surprising that he is such when the literal opposite faction of the ruling class wants to take a swing at Russia while they can ride that narrative to death and wants to maintain their integrity after falling into that trap were it's going to hurt real bad at the bottom, even when slowing down to lessen the overall pain.
But good on yah for reporting this news bit, we need to use these contingencies to reveal the truth of the system and use it as a means to radicalize people against the current social order.

"while it's good that they are pulling back finally and won't commit to literal imperialism against Syria"

You'd better say, "I reckon..."

Amazing fantastic segment! Neoliberal haters be damned, the greens have your back Jimmy & crew!


Wish Libertarians had Assange's back, I was trying to get the LNC chair candidate debate on facebook to discuss Assange yesterday but didn't hear anything but stepped out for a few parts so hopefully I missed something.

Everyone should be supporting Assange and Wikileaks, without a doubt.

I will have some pieces about all this at some point. Very sad those who claim to be for liberty at best sit silent as Assange's liberty is impinged upon.


Would have liked to watch the video but it keeps stopping all the time. Maybe be better to keep using U tube to get your videos across until D tube can fix their on going problem.

Being from the UK I don't know much about US news reader but for once someone hasn't begged for war and I take my hat of to Tucker for that.

We really are in mirror world now, fox news is the only reliable source of truth in the msm!!!. This is why people get their news from steemit/Dtube!!!. Keep up the good work Jimmy and team.

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