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Nice payout Jimmy! Good to have you on STEEM!

I have to agree with nostone, this last series of interviews you have been doing with Oliver Stone, Richard Wolff, Glenn Greenwald and now Peter Joseph have been fantastic, I dont know if this is a new format but I really like it. Dont know if its a counter to Dave Rubin's narcissistic, trite, formulaic drivel, but keep it up!

I watched the full set of interviews on YouTube. The last two guest interviews have been great Jimmy, keep up the good work! I've got a couple new books I need to read now.

Thank you for inviting Peter Joseph to your show Jimmy, he gives such a thoughtful and all-inclusive view of the problem, it's such a great help in figuring out the root cause of many problems that we have in society that most people would think to not have any connection to each other.