How To Vote When Democrats Shift Right? W/Oliver Stone

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In the first part of our three part interview with Oliver Stone we discuss voting strategies, the way the Democrats have been shifting to the right, how this country hasn't been the same since 1980 and what we can do about it. Spoiler alert: Oliver Stone doesn't blame Susan Sarandon, or does he?

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I've watched the whole interview on YouTube already and it was excellent. It's good to know people like Oliver Stone is watching this show. It seems to me President Trump doesn't want to attack Syria but the shadow government is pushing hard. I hope this don't go any further than trash talk on Twitter.

w.r.t statement made by oliver stone in this same interview series :
-Claims against Putin's reelection in Russia are BS and he was definitely the favorite.
-There was no violence in Crimea , Crimean people chose Russia.
-Putin's position is don't start something you can't finish.

Although it was a big get for Jimmy to interview Oliver Stone but little bit of push-back on such positions would have made for a more objective interview.

Hi Jimmy. I'm proud to offer my upvote and I look forward to growing this platform with you. I've been a huge fan of your show for years.

Excellent interview! Are you going going to cross over to watching the hawks anytime? Ohhh yea. Isn’t jimmy filling in on an RT show? What one?

I have been addicted to Jimmy Dore show (watching it only in youtube) and a fan of the YoungTurks and all alike media for over 2 years now. Watching these media on dtube makes much more sense to me.

This really is one of the best Interviews ive seen in a while, very informative and without too much mainstream bias. Puts a different perspective on things and raises some interesting points and conclusions I had come to myself. With the recent news of the US, UK and France bombing Syria, having watched this video just the previous day has raised a question I would like an opinion on which is, what are the powers involved trying to detract our attention from as it seems a very rapid and diversionary tactic?


Excellent meeting of giants in their fields. FYI- Wondering if there is a technical issue. Watched twice, cut up a few times in both viewings. Tried watching on youtube. Not the same there.

Regime change in Syria was planned long ago uncovered by an interview by a CIA member. Long before Trump and Obama. Trump got elected partly by saying he would get us out but that was before those who run the government got to him.

What we need to do is force these parties to appeal to us. There are more Independents in this country & the number is gonna keep growing. If these parties want to win elections, they're gonna have to earn our vote. You can keep calling us deplorables all you want. But the fate of your election rests in our hands.

It was great seeing Oliver Stone finally getting some attention on a genuine news outlet.

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