Democrats Join Trump In Deregulating Wall St. More

in #news2 years ago

Democrats Join Trump In Deregulating Wall St. More

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Photo Credit: "Wall Street, New York", © 2008 dflorian1980, Flickr | CC-BY-SA

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I was starting to get discouraged but 28 days later the content has finally arrived. Awesome.

Glad to see some good content coming to steemit! Best of luck to you and the crew in your quest for monetization without censorship.

Heck yeah! Jimmy dore welcome to dtube, this is the revolution :D thanks for also removing the amazon link! We need to find alternatives to everything

Hey Look, Doug Jones voted with Republicans... I'm so shocked.

Good to see you guys here. Best of luck.

Can't wait to see them dominate the news sector of!

There is going to be another crash like the crash in 2008 because of wall street deregulation. Since the democrats and republicans are bought by wall street, deregulation is happening.