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I'm so excited to see your show on Steemit! Keep up the great work!

Good that we have more voices that is willing to speak up against the imperialist line. We need more of her, and even more than ever.

Carla is just an amazingly courageous and humanitarian video journalist. It becomes impossible to ignore the testimony she has and the evidence she presents.

Great interview and glad you let her speak freely and with such passion.

I've also got to agree with the sentiment that once you get to know people on a human level it become very difficult to wilfully want to bomb them.

Carla Ortiz is a wonderful and brave woman!
We are not being given the truth about Syria by the Mainstream Media. Thank God we still have citizen journalists like Jimmy Dore.

Post on bitchute and add it here so you don't have to use YouTube anymore. Like you said, the fight has begone.

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I am glad to see that you're gaining a following here on DTube, Jimmy. If this site weren't so damned buggy, I'd use it more too.

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I watched the part 1 of this interview and it's just amazing. Far too often the civilians that are mostly affected by war are forgotten or discounted. The dehumanization of living, breathing human beings has to stop.