NEW Australian Spy Agency, Office of National Intelligence

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Office of National Intelligence (ONI)
A new federal super-ministry of Home Affairs will be set up including the Australian Federal Police, Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, and the Australian Border Force

Nick O'Brien, a former counter-terrorism police chief now at Charles Sturt University, said: "I think we've been extraordinarily well served by our police and security agencies ... Why would you change a system that's worked so well?"

Michael Wesley, an international security expert at ANU said: "So my question is: Where is the evidence that this would be an actual improvement?"

Dennis Richardson, the recently retired head of the Defence Department who has previously headed ASIO, said merging Immigration with the domestic intelligence and security agencies "could give some marginal improvements in relation to what information immigration [officials] might bring".

He said ASIO should not be hindered by answering to the home affairs minister while still having warrants signed by the attorney-general.

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