The Mainstream Media Is Calling For Big Pharma To Fix Rising Suicide Rates With "New Depression Drugs" Instead Of Focusing On The Cause

in #news2 years ago


That's right folks, feeling down or depressed? Just pop some pills and get back to work. By all means, don't change anything, just buy more stuff and keep popping pills. Kinda reminds me of the new Steve Cutts Video... "Happiness"

I'm curious to hear what other people think about the rising depression and suicide rates. Feel free to comment.


That is so stupid, I am missing my words right now.

Let's buy new plastic sunglases to help us not see the waste we produce and take more drugs to not worry about taking to much drugs.

Problem solving modern stile.

It’s just a capitalist, consumerism solution to a created problem. There is definite correlation with the hammering of suggestive language in all these anti depressant commercials, questions people get. Often people think ‘ya I have that now that you say it’ and it creates it’s own customers. There are definitely situations where this isn’t the case but quite often it is the case.

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