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It really made my blood boil when i saw that video about the dude running over people with his car... Jesus fucking christ, what has humanity come to.

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He has mental problems as well as schizofrenia, but media dont report about one specific thing that might have triggered this accident. Before this shit some "peacfull" left protester attacked his car with a bat. So a normal guy would panick a little bit but a guy with mental disorder would panic a lot more.
But media dont seem to talk about it

They refuse to acknowledge that the car was being attacked before the accident, even though it's in their own footage.

Sadly, nothing has changed. Go back to the coliseums and the bread! The same controlling families are in power from those days same gladiator in the middle, same lions eating people and I don't mean to pick on Rome. if look during the Roman Empire across the world and before- same people doing the same things- same families. I think the only thing that has changed is technologies.