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Distractions from the things really matter
The Government Just Voted To Completely Screw Up The Internet As You Know It


The Internet got along just fine for several decades without Marxist meddling, and will get along just fine in the future without Marxist meddling. Interestingly enough, the first of Obama's #netneutrality victims were poor people who enjoyed free data access...funny, that.

Commentary: 7 Surprising Things About the End of Net Neutrality

First, it is worth pointing out that net neutrality rules are quite new—the law was only enacted in mid-2015—although the concept has been around since the 1990s. Prior to 2015, there was no net neutrality and, well, the Internet worked just fine for most people. Occasionally, an ISP was caught slowing down (throttling) certain sites, but public pressure or legal action tended to keep the ISP honest. There is little reason to believe that a future with no net neutrality regulation will be very different from the past.
Second, the issue with net neutrality is multi-speed Internet service, not web censorship. An ISP might be frustrated that Netflix consumes 35% of its bandwidth at peak hours, but it cannot legally block it, with or without net neutrality. Even with no net neutrality, the most that an ISP could do would be to slow down access to Netflix, and charge people for higher speeds. In reality, this is not likely to happen—the public backlash would be too severe. More likely, the ISPs would discriminate by offering their own preferred content faster and cheaper. Ironically, this is already happening under net neutrality regulation: AT&T, for example, offers DirecTV access as a “zero rating” product, i.e. it does not count toward data caps.

He is dead.
🙇😢 😢 Aaron swartz2.jpg😢🙇

He is one of the main reasons you and I enjoyed the internet until to day.
The Story of Aaron Swartz: "The Internet's Own Boy" Director Q&A

Not buying it - I was happily using the Internet for four years before Swartz was born. I recognize his accomplishments, but that's it.

Left loses its mind over #NetNeutrality repeal, will be awfully surprised when nothing bad happens

The Internet is no longer free!
Variations of that filled social media yesterday as left-wing activists and normal people who don’t know any better bought into the notion that the demise of “net-neutrality” regulations would mean the end of online freedom and the beginning of corporate tyranny.
Because remember when it used to be like that? When ISPs would intentionally slow down and block content from certain providers unless you paid a boatload of money? Remember when it was impossible to get enough broadband speed to watch a Netflix offering?
Oh. You don’t? Well that’s funny, because “net neutrality” regulations have only been in place since 2015, and prior to that the Internet seemed to work just fine. That’s because there’s this thing called the market and consumer choices that prevent Internet Service Providers from running roughshod over you, since it’s easier to hang on to customers by keeping them happy than by abusing them.

He died because of the socialist government actions 2013.

The internet is here to stay may be forever or hundreds of years. From 1991 until now this would be just the baby life span of the internet. We have just reached the childhood. And now everyone is trying to raise this child to be his slave. The war over controlling just started. We have to wait to see how it will end. And how it will affect crypto currency, mining, and this very platform Steemit. You have a nice day.