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This was the most brutal debate I have ever seen. It was like watching a dude just get reemed to a point self destruction. And Thomas started off so cocky too! He started off like he was about to destroy Sargon. Then slowly, the facial ticks started to display. The cold sweat, the nervous gestures.

This is a fucking amazing thrashing. I am speechless, I dont even know what I could do to add to this. If you want to watch someones world collapse, this is a really good resource just for that! You don't even need to care about the arguments. Like if you want to be a really good actor and you have to play the part of a SJW who is about to get savagely brutalized on stage for the entire world to see, look no further!

The video starts at 0.00 but I warn you its quite long!


Twitter just isn't the same without Sargon, Milo, Trutherbots and Godfrey...

At least I feel like here on steemit, the policing will be done by the users who in turn will unmask themselves and are then forced to fight on the same playing field as everyone else.

The two guys behind Steem are anarchists. They know the bullshit in Silicon Valley. People will expose themselves.