UN declared a war on free speech, and won.

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I haven't posted anything for a while, as everything I wanted to post about is forbidden in EU. Free speech is dead for some time already, but now it gets a final blow.

The ultimate censorship machine known as the EU managed to significantly influence the daily life here in Europe (not only inside EU). But thankfully it utterly failed in some cases and in some states with implementation of their restrictions, mainly in Central Europe. Now is the turn for another, even more corrupt and useless organization, the United Nations.

The second phase of UN's immigration pact called "Action Plan" is being activated. Immigration pact was refused by some nations, therefore it also partly failed, thankfully. The time for absolute destruction of any opposition of UN has come. The war for free speech has begun, and was lost at the same day. Why, you ask? It's simple, there is absolutely no opposition. No rival to UN. Everyone must accept what is to come. And what is this "Action plan"?

Well, you can read about it here https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/14516/united-nations-free-speech
This article is not written by or associated with me.

After reading this, you will see for yourself. The free speech must be destroyed. UN must "protect" the humanity from destroying itself by intelligent debate, and logical arguments. Great job. I cannot say much more about this, because I could be arrested, literally. I cannot point out the people behind this, although I wish to, but if you are intelligent enough, you already see the truth. Our freedom is history, worldwide. Even indoctrination of children will be implemented, children are always the first victims of manipulation, as they are weak and easily convinced. In this case even parents cannot do anything, because they will be punished.

There is no way, no place to escape from this anymore. And it is only our fault. We were not fighting. We were just running, and now there is no way to run anymore.
What more should I say? Maybe some miracle happens which opens eyes of people, but more likely not. Maybe we really deserve to live under censorship and oppression. We didn't value our freedom enough to even fight for it.

The defeat is inevitable, but don't loose hope yet. History repeats itself, it always did, and it always will. I am from Czech Republic, here it is doubled. After a few years, or few hundreds of years the humanity will realize what is going on. And the free will rise again, but that is future. Our present is falling into the dark age.

Enjoy the last moments of your partial freedom. Duke from the Brave New World out...

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