FCC Commissioners and Chairman Ajit Pai have been doxxed by Anonymous in retaliation for repealing net neutrality

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The FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, along with a host of other managers of the agency, have been doxxed in response to their decision to repeal net neutrality laws and allow ISPs to limit access to certain websites and promote others.

The internet cyber vigilante collective Anonymous IntelSec posted emails, phone numbers, social media accounts and, in some cases, addresses of members of the FCC who they believe sold out the principle of a fair and open internet in order to appease telecoms lobbyists, against the wishes of the vast majority of Americans.

They released a whopping 33 street addresses related to Ajit Pai, the man who is most closely associated with the decision to repeal the regulations, and who has become an internet pariah as a result.

Last week Pai decided to mock the 'trolls' who criticised him with a Youtube video produced by the Daily Caller:

The ratio of dislikes to likes, along with the scores of abusive comments, are a joy to behold.
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If you want to sent a letter to Pai to let him know how you feel about his decision, you can find them here:

You can find emails, phone numbers, and social media accounts of other FCC members here:

Please don't threaten and harass people. However, all Americans are entitled to let these government employees know how they feel.

Best of luck.


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CA Sen. Scott Wiener will alledgedly roll out some legislation in January for California -> https://steemit.com/netneutrality/@debraycodes/sen-weiner-to-bring-net-neutrality-back-to-ca-with-new-legislation