England has the most surveillance in the world but there is no footage of the actual Manchester explosion or bodies?

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Yeah the Nice truck attack was a real head scratcher. 100,000 people on a boardwalk, at least half of them filming a fireworks show and yet the only footage ever uploaded is one grainy 40 frame video of the truck before it even gets to the crowd and another aftermath video of injured bodies that looks more like a civil defense drill.

You'd think there'd be hundreds of videos of bodies flying like skittles from multiple angles but we got nothing. The whole street was lined with people on balconies filming the fireworks who wouldn't of had to run for their lives or stop filming but we still got nothing.

Every time there's a terrorist attack the first thing I think is what is CIA/Mossad/M16 trying to miss direct the public from? With Manchester I find it interesting the bombing occurred hours before Trump was meeting with the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem. The day before the US news networks had run wall to wall footage of Trump at the wailing wall and Israeli holocaust memorial. The next day all the oxygen was sucked up by the terrorist attack.

What a co-incidence. Now there was zero talk in world media of restarting peace talks in Palestine and a two state solution settlement deal. Again, how fortunate from the Israelis point of view as they sanction another round of illegal settlement building on Palestinian land.

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UK has the most surveillance per square meter in the world. I thought it was real at first but this thing is starting to look more and more like false flag.

The first thing I thought when I heard of the explosion: I bet there will be about 20 different CCTV angles of that. This should be an easy investigation.

There is the possibility that the recordings aren't being released for some noble reason, but the longer it drags on without the shots being released, the more the public is right to be suspicious about the official story.

Excellent post, this Is one of the most obvious false flags we've ever seen, I think It may be pointing to something much bigger to come. I will be doing an In depth article on this event, so please look out for that. I up vote the majority of your posts, because they are the Truth. Steemit Is being censored though, we can see that by the numbers of views we're getting.