'You Killed My Son!': Video Shows Terrifying Moments After Cop Kills Unarmed 16yo Boy

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Franklin County, OH — As TFTP reported this week, in juvenile court, a 16-year-old boy intervened after a police officer allegedly pushed his mother against the wall—so the police officer shot and killed him. Now, we have the disturbing video of the aftermath of the shooting. It is nothing short of heartbreaking.

The boy who was killed this week for allegedly intervening to help his mother fend off a cop was Joseph Haynes and he was unarmed.

Video of the aftermath was taken by Constance Gadell-Newton, Juvenile Defense Attorney for Franklin County Ohio who witnessed the lethal altercation and pulled out her camera to document it.

In the video, we can see Haynes' mother hysterical after her son lay dying on the floor of the courtroom. Infuriatingly enough, instead of attempting to call for help or render aid to the boy bleeding out on the floor, police call in back up to remove Haynes family.

"Oh my god you killed my son!" Haynes' mother screams in horror. At this point officers then begin to forcibly remove the mother and the grandmother who are in obvious shock after witnessing Joseph's killing.

On Friday, authorities identified the officer who fired the lethal round as Deputy Richard Scarborough.

When asked if there was surveillance footage of the shooting, Chief Rick Minerd, of the Sheriff's Office investigative subdivision said that the video doesn't provide a view of the altercation.

“That video is not as fruitful as we would have liked, in terms of what it shows,” Minerd says. “And so we’re hopeful there’s other information out there.”

According to WOSU, Minerd says they are looking for cell phone footage that may help the case. He says they’ve interviewed about 20 people so far in the case, but are having difficulty collecting reliable information because the altercation began in one location and ended in another.

Below is the report on the original incident.

The single shot which killed Haynes was fired, police say, in self-defense but family members are disputing that claim. The boy’s grandmother Geraldine Haynes said she witnessed the entire incident. In an interview with the Columbus Dispatch, the grandmother recounted the incident.

They had an altercation in the courtroom. The judge gave us another court date and we were leaving. The cop told Karen (boy’s mother) to get out of the courthouse and wouldn’t let her get her stuff or nothing. And then he (cop) started going over and pushing her against the wall.
That’s when she says her grandson, Joseph, allegedly stepped in to defend his mother from the officer’s manhandling.
Joey told him to leave his mom alone, leave his mom alone, so Joey ran over there and grabbed ahold of his (cop) shoulder. The cop let loose of Karen and slung Joey onto the ground. And when he slung Joey onto the ground...he just quit (fighting with the cop). All of a sudden the cop reaches for his gun and shoots him.
The grandmother went on to tell reporters she was mere inches away from her grandson when she saw him get shot and killed by the only man in the courtroom with a gun, the cop. She said she can still recall smelling the gunpowder and being in a state of shock.
And I just said, “You shot my grandson! You shot my grandson!”
When asked if Joseph attempted to reach for the officer’s gun the grandmother emphatically stated the boy had his hands raised in a surrender position. “No,” he did not reach for the officer’s gun she said. She said she witnessed the entire incident and said police ushered them out of the courtroom and wouldn’t let them be with their son and grandson as he lay dying on the floor.

Tragically, first responders and emergency room personnel were unable to save the boy’s life, who was shot once in the abdomen.

Following the shooting, the Fraternal Order of Police issued a statement in support of their police officer. At a press conference Wednesday Executive Vice President Keith Ferrell said:

Whenever somebody attacks an officer, there's always a weapon involved, always because the officer is always armed...There's always likelihood, the probability, that that person could get your weapon, incapacitate you with a non-lethal weapon, and then get your sidearm. We're trained, absolutely that you can't allow that to happen...It was very clear to me, and in my experiences, that he was attacked and this was a fight for his life at some point.
Not only was Ferrell not present, but the only person giving an eyewitness account of the shooting, the boy’s grandmother, stands by her version of events which led to her grandbaby’s death.

Various news reports have made it a point to mention Hanyes’ prior run-ins with the law, stating the teenager had already been charged with various crimes. But the fact remains. An unarmed boy was killed in a courtroom defending his mother from an armed man who was reportedly running roughshod over her.

Joseph Haynes was the 55th American to be killed by police in America so far in 2018.

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lethal force required IN A COURTROOM against an unarmed 16 year old? i think someone is in the wrong line of work..


Fucking ridiculous! Nothing gets my blood boiling like this shit!

A minor, without weapons and inside a court, would seriously be able to take the gun from the police to use against he police? it is something incoherent, besides, was that the way to nautralize it? Perhaps it was necessary to kill someone to make him nautralize him, there being so many other methods. I feel that this is an abuse of power, he pass the limit of its authority and the police body is protecting it, it must be judged. We can not allow this type of people to keep getting away with it, really. Is this the kind of people that protect the people?

Another tragic story of pointless loss of life. Those who hold guns need to think again what they are doing when they point one at another person. Those in jobs where this could happen should be trained to the highest level. This sounds like the cop had 'fight or flight' moment and probably shot without thinking(maybe even a case of hair-trigger) But that doesn't take away from the fact that HE pointed a gun at another. As soon as that happens you should expect to receive huge punishments if that wasn't called for. But yet again the cop will get away with this and retire on a cushy pension while everyone pats him on the shoulder saying "you did what you had to do". And what will be heard from the family of the dead boy......