Rescued 'Sex Slave' Reveals How She Was Sold to Up and Coming Political Elite as a Child

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Adult and child sex trafficking is an unfortunate and horrifying reality that plagues countries around the world. As TFTP has reported, people have been arrested recently attempting to purchase children as young as three-months-old to abuse them. Now, one of these former child sex slaves has come forward to tell her story and provides insight into the elite sickos who have the money and resources to deal in the lives of children.

As the Free Thought Project previously reported, according to a London top cop, Britain's capital is a hotspot for forced labor and sex slavery.

Currently, there are an estimated 13,000 victims of forced labor, sexual exploitation and domestic servitude in Britain, according to Government data and the police have no idea how to handle it.

The number of child trafficking victims has risen to a record high, according to data obtained by the UK's National Referral Mechanism.

Sadly, the government has admitted it has no way of stopping it. And, as the following victim's testimony reveals, this has been the case for a long time leading many to believe this failure to stop it may be deliberate.

A woman and former child sex slave, whose name was not publicly released because her abusers are all likely still alive, well, and very powerful, detailed her horrifying story to Cambridge News. At only 14-years-old she was forced into sex slavery and sold to Britain's elite.

According to Cambridge News, she was inducted into an underground world of sex slavery in the city, enduring violence and coercion as she was sold to men, including undergraduates.

“I was the youngest one there. A lot of the men were people who wanted to be quite violent. There were men who had a lot of money and would pay for a long time.

“Some of it was Cambridge students. A lot of them were rich students who you could tell were training to be politicians and saw themselves as very privileged people. The way they treated us was as if they could do what they liked with us.”

She noted that she and other children were kept at a local bar and were given drugs and alcohol before their elite abusers would pick them up and bring them places to hurt them.


As a 14-year-old girl, she explained that violence and coercion were used to keep all the victims in line and make sure they never escaped.

“I think sex slavery is something you do that you have no choice about,” she said. “There was violence involved and it was really hard to get out of it," she explained.

While some will try to dismiss her claims of slavery by saying a child can somehow consent to sex with adults, this victim explains that is not the case at all. They were, by all means, held captive.

“There is mental abuse as well as violence, and you are made to feel as if you are not really human. The most important thing for me is it was not work. It was done without a choice."

She was beaten so badly during one night of abuse that she ended up in the hospital where she was able to escape.

“I thought I should either kill myself or run away. I went to Manchester and it kind of changed my life. I realized I deserved more out of life. I needed to get away from Cambridge to live. I didn’t feel safe,” she explained.

As the Free Thought Project has previously reported, the problem of child sex trafficking goes all the way to the top in the UK. Sir Edward Heath, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom found by the police chief to be an alleged pedophile. His vile crimes against children were allegedly 'covered up by the establishment.'

Unfortunately, pedophilia and human trafficking, as the Free Thought Project has exposed, is all too common among those in power. Sadly, however, those who attempt to draw attention to this problem are labeled as conspiracy nuts or perpetrators of fake news.

As more cases, like the thousands of slaves in London, the child abuse in Hollywood, and the rampant problem of sex abuse in Washington D.C. come to light, those who attempt to keep pushing this issue to the fringe expose themselves as being complicit in covering it up.

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Disgusting, I heard about it a while back and it amazes me how more people aren't aware of this. The world is ran by satanic pedophiles and we go to church every sunday.

Thank you for documenting this, I will be sharing and covering this story on my channel when time allows.

yes It's really Disgusting..there are lots of cases of human trafficking in India also.It must be stopped.I also heard human trafficking news from different parts of world.It is so sad.why girls have to suffered from all brutal pain?that fucking bastards just sold them for money,they have no humanity.I am very sad and angry after reading your post.

Death to all pedos and child rapists. This should be trumps top priority in both washington and pedowood.

Wish more people were aware of this. So many people worship celebrities and never scrape beneath the surface.

Great article.

This stuff is so sick. When I first heard about this kind of thing, I really couldn't believe it. But as my search for truth continued, I have realized that this horrid practice as very much alive and happening all over the world. I think that there is currently underway an active attempt through the Trump administration to get some control over this. I hope and pray it is true.


If there were an attempt by Trump do do this, then he would not have hired Alexander Acosta as Labor Secretary. Acosta is the federal attorney who let billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein off with a slap on the wrist.

Rather than the minimum ten-year sentence the billionaire pedophile faced, Acosta’s arrangement with Epstein’s lawyers landed a part-time, eight hours per day county jail term for a scant 13 months in a club med prison.

These are undisputed facts — yet, in April, Trump still appointed Acosta as his Secretary of Labor.


Onboard 100%. I want to believe Trumps on the side of honest decent people but I’ve got a terrible feeling we’re being thrown a few pervs so we think things have changed. I hope I’m wrong. Peace and respect, Lou


This is just wrong. I sincerely hope a change comes and soon enough too...

It is truly a sad subject. However, if we don't keep reporting it, it will never change. As a father, this horrifying practice compels me to keep fighting these monsters as I could never imagine it happening to my children.

Props to you guys for shining light on this admittedly horrible topic. Someone needs to be able to speak up on it...

Such people are the doubts of humanity, such people have no right to live in the state

That is so sad.... Don't know what to say :( @tftproject

Important subject, well covered. What is being uncovered needs attention. Thanks and resteemed.

This is really a great topic of discussion. Thank you very much for sharing. I appreciate your great effort and your generosity to win

Very eye opening post. Who could ever imagine such a horrific state of our civilization!

I find it a constant, frustrating battle trying to get anyone to believe the elite are involved in paedophilia. I really feel for the victims that have had to endure this and then have people say they're lying. This needs to stop, people need to stand together and protect these victims. We need to find a way to put an end to this evil. It's terrifying knowing there is so much evil in the world and even more terrifying knowing that evil is what controls the world.

That’s horrible

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I’ve seen the movie The Riot Club about entitled students at Oxford. Not difficult to imagine the same types at Cambridge. A shocking story, glad this lady was able to escape - though mentally you can probably never escape something like this.

Great post!
It's @reptoid_Hunter here from Twitter mate!
I took your advice on joining Steemit, so how about a follow bro, and maybe upvote on one of my posts?
Only just working things out and doing tests!
I shared your post to my 7000+ followers...
We are getting there this year mate, thanks for all you do and Happy New Year!

I think you should name tge abusers on television. Then, it has to be investigated. We are living in a sick world. These people who hide behind their titles are falling. Look at Hollywood. Be strong. Justice can be served.

Absolutely rancid right through to the higher positions of power. People blindly trusting and letting others run their lives who abuse our children. This World disgusts me. Thanks for the brave post.

Thank you for sharing this post. People need to wake up and realize people like the Clinton's and Epstein's are ruining lives daily. Truth will come out its only a matter of time

Sad disgusting story..
so sorry!

This kind of thing has gone on for as long as people have had immense power over other people, so for the entirety of human "civilization"

With great power comes great abuse of power

This is really heartbreaking as well as disgusting. I mean, as civilized and developed as they are.. They claim there's nothing they can do about it?

Common..... I just feel they don't want to stop it probably because people in high positions are involved in the act too.....

This is just totally wrong. Something should be done about it...

So disturbing how ugly the world can be.😤 I just want to make people smile feel joy not heartache and hurt. May any person in that situation find peace and love. One Love✌❤😃

It is so bad...i have been to some countries in fact it Is worst in african countries, due to harsh economic situation and low level of living..there is devaluation of human..human trafficking is rampant .

This is very embaracing moment and break down all the dead lines of humanity we have to shame on our self what we are doing with our nation and what we are giving message to our up coming generation please think about it and do some thing positive

How can People turn their heads on this kind of abuse. Going to the Cambridge political students as if they are an elite bunch of wanna be polititions that has already established a sense of entitlement. It appears these fellows are already above the law.

@tftproject - I'm actually quite surprised that sex trafficking of underage girls are prevalent in the UK too - I suppose it doesn't matter which country you belong to, human lowlife is present everywhere.