Exciting news and my fanbase.

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Hello everyone it's teenagecrypto and today i got some exciting news for you. I finally got a job as a dishwasher at a restaurant. I can't wait to start. Also i got some things for you all the first 2 people to comment get a beer token from me. This week has been great and i am excited to see what is next. Since i hit 500 hive power recently i decided to add some people to my upvote fanbase to help grow my curation rewards.
voting fanbase.PNG

  1. @brian.rrr
  2. @quotes-haven
  3. @silversaver888
  4. @abh12345

I added @abh12345 after i took the screenshot. I will be adding more people in the future but i just need help calculating the right upvote so i don't use up a lot of my vote percentage. If any of you can help me it would be very appreciated. For those who missed my recent post i finally became a minnow and powered up everything that i got from selling my dcity. I have also been exploring around hive recently and found hivestats website. I can see how much curation rewards i get each day and see how much my tokens are worth. Here is a quick picture to show you what i mean:

I think it is a cool website and you should go check it out if you want. I just like it so i can see how much i got. You don't even have to login you can just type your name and it shows up. I hope you are all having a good day and if you would like to help my week be even better i am on my way to 1000 subscribers and it would mean a lot if you subscribed.

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Yours truly, teenagecrypto