Fox News vs CNN no wonder we are all confused about Trump

in #news3 years ago (edited)

If you watch FOX News you get to hear all the positive on President Trump. Then you turn on CNN and you hear all the negative on Trump. Wouldn’t it be great if all news channels just report the news and actual facts. There is way too much opinion on these channels. It’s hard to not be confused and to wonder where the truth lies. FOX News seems to be more truthful. It would be nice to just get the straight facts. What do you think about these News Channels?


I do not agree with you that fox news is more truthful, but I dont care. But if you want to get more Information ( not based of the opinion of the Company owner.) You could check out news from other countries especially England. Donald Trump is often in TV here in Europe. So you would defenitely find a god Channel in your language

That would definitely be a good idea to try to find some truthful news. Thank you 😊

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