Resolutions for 2019? Be a flower not a weed!

in news •  21 days ago

"Every flower blooms in its own moment."

 photo Flowers_zpsxmyqwk2v.jpg

"Do it like flowers: Push through the dirt and take a bath in the sunlight!"

 photo Flowers1_zpsmjxhq7hk.jpg

"The seeds of today are the flowers of tomorrow."

 photo Flowers5_zpsvdkva4zb.jpg

"Flowers says YES to life."

 photo Flowers4_zpsgowmks8z.jpg

"Flowers just bloom for themselves."

 photo Flowers6_zpsi4nljnij.jpg

"Flowers speak a language. Their roots tell a story."

 photo Flowers3_zps9trm3y78.jpg

Tatjana Lackner -

(all photos were taken with my iPhone X)

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Absolutely beautiful words and photographs.

Happy, healthy, sweet New Year 2019! :D


Thank you! @tatjana.lackner

Have fun, and enjoy the fireworks. :D