EXCLUSIVE DTUBE VIDEO 193: Top 10 DTubers August 2018 🎥

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It's time to look at the top ten DTubers for August 2018! Here's a list of everyone who made it into the top ten, congratulations to everyone who made it:

Ten: @kalvas @nanonarcagent @to7 @bowentroyer @steemcafe @anne-c @bethwheatcraft @themoneygps @harshilpatel @adventuroussoul @d00k13 all 0.7%

Nine: @freedompoint @maneco64 @sergiomendes @tanbay @nathanmars all 0.8%

Eight: @zainenn @kevinli @clixmoney @alphasteem @starkemmy @annabanananz @humanearl @travelgirl all 0.9%

Seven: @adetorrent @acromott @elsiekjay @xr-hammergaming @phoneinf all 1%

Six: @teamhumble @slayerkm @captainbob @thelifeofjord @thefarmerswife all 1.1%

Five: @joythewanderer 1.2%

Four: @jeronimorubio 1.3%

Three: @waybeyondpadthai @coruscate both 1.4%

Two: @reseller 1.5%

One: @maneki-neko @mrchef111 both 1.7%

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 19.33.40.png

If you're new to my DTube channel check out my introduction video with 24 interesting facts about me here: https://d.tube/#!/v/tanbay/ppmrx4eo My fiancé @lauracody and myself are Travel Bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers known as 'Travelling Weasels'.

Music credit: Special thanks to @myndnow for providing amazing background music! Make sure to check him out!

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Greetings, tanbay

Excellent video man, his beard grows with every video posted. I do not know the criteria for this selection, but I know some who are there and really are very good

Of the ones you mentioned, I am very following @alphasteem, @coruscate, @mrchef111, @joythewanderer, @annabanananz and @joythewanderer

They make quality content that I accompany daily !!

Thank you and good afternoon


Thanks for stopping by again!

Wow I had no idea!! Thanks so much for the shoutout :) And congrats to everyone on the list! I follow most of them, looks like there are a few more I need to follow! :)


Well done for getting to number one! :)


Thanks again! :)

Congrats to all 💪🏻💪🏻

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Congrats indeed :)

Thanks Tanbay for the report and Ha! @lauracody, I love how you support your love in every post, that's cute! and look at you @makeki-neko! and yes, congrats! :) to allllll


I love it too lol and well done!

Congrats Everyone! <3, Here's to a Better September xo


Congrats to you! :)

Congrats to everyone in the top ten and to you my love xxx


Thanks babe :) xxx

I love these man, congrats to everyone. Keep pushing!


I love them too :P Well done!

This is pretty awesome and im grateful to be up there with a bunch of great guys!


Totally deserved, well done! :)


Thanks alot :D

Thanks a lot for including me in this post, it's all the hard work that all did, it was really a nice productive month. ☺


Well done :)

Thanks so much!!! Big respect to all my Dtubers - they'll tell stories of us around the campfire one day!


Well done dude!

thanks for ur information.one day we bill be in top 10 d tuber !!

Awesome to see a community that keeps growing and helping their content creators. :) let's keep smashing and having fun ;)

Awesome hearing how many great creators there are on dTube!!!

Didn't expect to see myself 6th haha wahey :)


haha true and well done dude! See you at Steemfest :P