Venezuela key opposition leaders seized after poll

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Two Venezuelan resistance pioneers, Leopoldo López and Antonio Ledezma, have been re-captured, relatives of match say.

They were under house capture after allegations of impelling viciousness amid hostile to government dissents in 2014.

Their families said they didn't know where the two had been taken.

The move comes only two days after a disputable vote in favor of a protected get together observed brutality in the city, with no less than 10 individuals killed.

President Nicolás Maduro gathered the get together to revamp Venezuela's constitution in the midst of spiraling against government dissents on 1 May.

He contended that the move would make peace and cultivate exchange by uniting distinctive segments of Venezuela's enraptured society.

Venezuela's constituent get together clarified

What lies ahead for isolated Venezuela?

In any case, the resistance blamed the president for attempting to modify the constitution keeping in mind the end goal to expand his energy and sideline the restriction controlled lawmaking body.

They boycotted the vote and approached Venezuelans to riot in challenge. The decision was denounced by Latin American pioneers, the European Union and the US.

The day of the decision was the deadliest so far since the present flood of challenge started.

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin declared on Monday that the US had forced endorses on President Maduro and called him a "tyrant who dismisses the will of the Venezuelan individuals".

Days before the vote, Mr López recorded a video from his home, the first since he was exchanged to house capture on 8 July subsequent to putting in over three years in prison.

In it, he said that President Maduro was undermining popular government in Venezuela.

Mr Ledezma distributed a video on YouTube on Monday in which he called the constituent gathering a "fake" and talked about the "oppression" Venezuela was encountering.

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