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IMG_6893.jpgSome unknown information about "Google - GOOGLE", the favorite search engine of the world's largest, advanced and largest users.
No person who has not heard Google's name in the current information technology era seems to be available. But among the indigenous people of the Amazon forest may be found maybe! Today I brought you some other Google information that I might not know! Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google on 4 September 1998. After the establishment of Google's popularity for several years since the establishment, they decided to survive at one point.

However, as a last resort, in 2004 Google opened the search engine as public. Later on, the trend continued with Google's success. Currently Google has its own headquarters in America. At first Google used to be just a search engine, but now we can enjoy the benefits of many such things including Google Maps, Gmail or Google Email, Google Tonsale, Google Drive, Google Chrome, Google Calendar, Google Plus and Video Sharing Web Site YouTube.
Now let's find out some information about Google which you may not know. Let's not know about some information about Google:

  1. Backrub!

Do you know Google's name was kept in the name of Backrub! Because the developers have built a Google feature first to verify the importance of Google by analyzing a website's back-up site. After nearly 1 year of this gesture, they chose Google as a new name.

  1. GOOGOL!

Google or google name is taken from the mathematical term googol. Larry Page and Sergey Brin get inspiration from the mathematical term googol to explore different ideas to find new names for Google. Googol is 1 and a term made of 100 0. They could not reach google directly from googol. They first chose the googol-plex word from googol but later decided to name the gogol. However, because the name of the gogol has already been sold, then they chose the same word google as the name of the site.

  1. Im feeling lucky!

After visiting Google's site you will notice that their site is always an Im feeling lucky! The name has a button. And for its features, Google had to spend $ 110 million per year. But now Google brings this feature to the search box. Now you will notice that if you type something in the Google search box, Google will suggest the next possible word for you! This is the new version of im feeling lucky!

  1. The Google founders were not happy to add Google to the Dictationary!

In 2006, Oxford added the word Google to English dictionary, but Google founders were not happy about it. Because there is English misship in the name of Google. Whenever Google comes to the dictionary, everybody will start using the word and their company's value will be reduced. Which was later proved to be wrong.

  1. Most Valuable Brand!

In 2010, Google overtook Apple's top tech giant as the world's most valued brand! Since 2011, Apple has retained its position as the world's most valued brand, but Google takes it on its own in the current year.

  1. The first doodle!

We can see that on any particular day, the Google logo on Google's search page is specially arranged according to that day. These are called doodles. Currently there are more than two thousand doodles in Google. You know that Google's first doodle was Barney Man! Larry Page and Sergey Brin get their first Google doodle inspection from the Barney Man Festival in 1998.

  1. Contract with NASA!

Google makes a technology deal with NASA. Google had several private jet planes that needed to run their own runway to land. So Google has an annual $ 1.4 million in NASA, and using Google's drone, NASA has bought a plane runway from its own in the US at Silicon Valley. Also in 2008, Google made another agreement with NASA, where for 40 years Google bought 42 acres of land for developing Google's new GooglePlaza.

  1. Wrong quality

The Google domain itself is a word of GOOGOL

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