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UFOs seem to have been absent from Territory skies in recent times PICTURE: Getty
UFOs seem to have been absent from Territory skies in recent times PICTURE: Getty
Northern Territory in dry spell for UFO sightings
June 12, 2017 6:54pm
AUSTRALIA’S self-proclaimed “UFO capital” Wycliffe Well hasn’t had a single extraterrestrial visitor in a year.

With the Dry Season – historically the prime time for UFO sightings in the NT – upon us, the lack of extra terrestrial visitors is concerning.

Only three UFO encounters have been brought to the NT News’ attention in the past year, the most recent being MLA Gerry Woods’ encounter in February.

Mr Woods said as dawn broke he saw a white light, about the brightness of a star, heading north from Virginia towards Howard Springs.

Wycliffe Well Holiday Park manager Karthik Myana said in the year he’d worked there not one extraterrestrial visitor had shown themselves to him or the parks’ residents.

Australian UFO Research Association spokesman Doug Moffett said in the past six months there had been an increase in reported sightings across the world but could not explain why the Territory was lacking in reports of UFOs.

He suggested people were seeing UFOs but simply not reporting them.

“Once you get out to the NT, the western parts of NSW and country areas you get a much higher percentage of close encounters,” he said.

On the Sydney based group’s website only one Territory encounter in Katherine in July last year has been listed.

Mr Moffett believes we are currently in the initial stage for first contact of ET’s due to the global increase in sightings.

“If we see a spike in the next six or 12 months in close encounter sightings I think that is the lead up to first contact,” he said. “I’m not getting too excited because we’re only at phase one … an increase of sightings.”

Acacia Hills UFO hunter, Alan Ferguson, closed down his legendary website – ufoterritory.com.au – last year citing a “mindset change”.

He said on Twitter he was still involved “behind the scene”.

Local astronomer Geoff Carr doesn’t believe in aliens but cannot say for certain that they do not exist.

He said many sightings could be put down to being aircraft, drones or weather related.

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UFO are with us day after day flying in our sky, but they move so fast that our eyes cant see them. It is good to record videos and slow them to aprreciate