North Korea War with United States in 2018?

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Is the writting on the wall?

In November North Korea had it’s most successful ICBM launch to date reaching a distance of nearly 1,000km. While many don’t think Kim Jong-un has the capability to reach the United States at about 10x the distance who really knows what he has in his arsenal?

Things do seem to be escalating with both sides amping up the threats, Trump stating that the US is “waging a campaign of maximum pressure” and “We need only look at the depraved character of the North Korean regime to understand the nature of the nuclear threat it could pose to America and to our allies,”. Trump also calling Kim Jong-un “little rocket man” and tweeting he has a bigger nuke button on his desk!

What is more alarming however is Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin announcing sanctions against China's Dandong Bank for its dealings with North Korea. The Dandong bank is a gateway for North Korea to access the US and international financial systems. The US is prepared to deny China the the US dollar payment system which would effectively freeze over a trillion dollars of their liquid reserves if they don’t comply and block North Korea.

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