Zilliqa Leveled Up

in #news3 years ago
Zilliqa has leveled up to to one of the 28 cryptocurrencies to booast the market capitalization over $1 billion

Zilliqa has passed the huge amount and is said to worth about $1.2 billion in terms of writing which has made it upgraded to be 23rd most valuable crypto.

The coin has now been made available to trade on OKEx which is said to be the 3rd highest volume crypto exchange. Zilliqa is also available to trade on Binance, Huobi, etc

The project of Singapore is said to be solving the scalability issues linked to blockchain technology via shrading which is an effective and efficiency upgrading techniques that predate bitcoin but it has not proven viability in the big permissionless network.

The team's white paper has been said to claim that "at ethereum's present network size of 3000miners.

Zilliqa is being expected to do greater than that of ethereum.

The coin has been said to have increased in three times in last month. Zilliqa which worth about $0.16 during writing has leveled up in about 16.9 percent over the last 24hours.


I bought it at 400 sat.