HTC Blockchain Smartphone That Will Focus On Decentralized Apps, Cryptocurrency

in #news3 years ago
HTC has built a smartphone that is higher than the U12+. It moves round one of trending concept in tech for the past decades and it is also able to access the blockchain for the mobile user.

The name of the smartphone is Exodus. The phone is described as the phone that gives user the power to gain control of the internet telling social media websites "I'm free" and leaving individuals in their own hands, which is not in the centralized servers of Facebook and Google.

Each unit of the smartphone acts as a nodes to serve a network to distribute open-source apps, data and cryptocurrency that are work on decentralized network.

HTC is aiming at getting twice the number of nodes Ethereum has and thrice that of Bitcoin nodes. Meanwhile Ethereun has about 16656 active nodes currently.

The smartphone has the ability to get into blockchain with various protocol to work with different services. Meanwhile the users of Exodus will have the ability to reach and use their crypto wallets via APIs and will be backed by a strong component stack.