Bomb Attack In Maiduguri

in #news3 years ago

Four suicide bombers have detonated IEDs to their bodies in two villages in Kondugba local government area, Maiduguri, Nigeria at about 12:15am today (4/5/2018).

Three out of the four suicide bombers detonated the IEDs taking their lives alone, but the fourth died with three others while seven people were injured and were rushed to the hospital, now receiving treatments.

Securities have been ordered to the area and all other areas in Maiduguri.

Also, it was reported yesterday that security agents noticed suicide bombers in Bama. They quickly acted on that and prevented the terrorist from executing his evil deed. So, no casualty was recorded.

The Nigerian Commissioner of police has assured the people the efforts of the all the security agencies and promised the people that they would never nosedive in their efforts in protecting their lives and properties.

However, arrangements have been put in place to make sure that peace is restored to the state.