2 officers in Canada to be charged & 2 "demoted to desk jobs" for harming a civilian

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Canadian police are taking swift action against multiple officers complicit in harming a civilian. The paradigm shift in accountability is slowly but surely taking place and the Police force of Calgary is leading the way.

The suspect ran from the scene and was recovered with serious injuries. This kind of thing has happened too many times before and something had to be done. Here are some details from the incident.

"The latest low comes after a late July traffic stop south of Chinook Centre, where a suspect fled from his vehicle on foot and left the scene a short time later in dire need of medical attention...

The first two officers involved in the arrest, including a senior member of the force, have been suspended from duty and could face criminal charges, if ASIRT determines the physical force used had nothing to do with policing.

The suspect cops might lose their paycheques in the meantime, with their ongoing wages currently under review by police officials in Calgary.
And two more cops, who arrived to assist in the arrest, have been demoted to desk jobs just for taking part — which only hints at how ugly this must be.

It’s grim, but exactly what Calgary needs.
“Whether you are talking about police or doctors, there’s always going to be a small percentage who are not good at what they do,” said Sutherland.

'Not all officers are going to be top notch.'"



This drives me NUTS! If a police officer pulls you over for anything and asks for anything within his rights for the stop, you do that action. Period. If you run its because you did something wrong either just now or previously and don't want to talk to the cops.
The cops don't know why you're running. Does he just not want to talk? Is he creating distance so he can bring out a firearm without obstruction? Is the suspect creating a distraction so a second party can do them harm?

If you run from the police you deserve what you get.

There are cases where the cops are totally and completely in the wrong. However, more often than not, when you have a split second decision to make your reaction is going to be self preservation in whatever form makes sense in that nanosecond.

dont hear that very often

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