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RE: Older Voters Abandoning Trump, Flocking to Biden

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Looking at the poll quinnipiac released April 22 reflects more to me that democrats are in for some losses come November. Like usual these polls are always conducted with more democrats than republicans as was this poll with 29% identified as republican and 32% democrat, take that with the error margin and it really says nothing about whose running out ahead when it comes to the presidential election.

I think when you look who people said the most they trusted on the economy and how they feel when it comes to congress doing their job along with 63% still feeling overall the economy is in good shape the democrats appear to be in the most trouble. Trump had five point advantage to compared to Biden when it came to the economy but it was consistent drop of approval across the board when it came to congress's approval in all three groups, republican, democrats and independents, 28r, 47d, 37i approve of congress handling while 63r, 44d, 53i, disapprove, that big of a spread between republicans and independents to democrats seems to indicate democrats are in for a whole lot of hurt come November. Given that would seem to indicate that Trump running out ahead on the economy and a 63% feeling that even during this crisis the economy is still in good shape and such low ratings for how congress is doing their job that a majority of Americans not a minority of Americans are tired of democrats not working with this president and consistently throwing roadblocks and distractions into the path of this administration. Like one guy put it on one of the blogs that he may not like this president but he does an excellent job when it comes to the economy and therefore he's going to vote for him. That's what matters most to people, who can keep this economy up and running....and with democrats consistently trying to destroy it instead these numbers seem to indicate that the American people can see right through them and they plan on taking care of that problem come November. Overall it's going to be the economy, not personality or whose better at handling this virus, which also reflected across the board that people thought that job and how it is handled fell onto the shoulders of their governor with 77r, 91d, and 79i percent felt that when it came to issuing stay at home orders or cancelling them that was the job of their governor to be in charge of.

Sure Trump may have taken the president of China at his word in the beginning, along with them being bolstered by the WHO on this virus most people look at the time frame involved and realize that even though Trump was being told one thing there obviously was hesitation on his part or call it skepticism if you want and he assembled and laid out a game plan just in case that whatever intelligence he was getting back was more in line with what was happening compared to what he was hearing from China and the WHO. When he made the call Americans aren't going to forget that when he asked for an initial amount of funding to move forward with invasive actions against the virus that it was the democrats who decided that funding for the JF Kennedy center and the Endowment for the Arts were worth more arguing about then getting the funding out in an appropriate timely manner. They aren't ever going to forget that....just like they aren't going to forget that while many of them found themselves stuck at home with no income during a crisis that if democrats had moved faster instead of arguing over trivial stuff during a crisis they'd got stimulus money weeks sooner to help them out. Toss all that in with Nancy doing late night television showing off her basket of delectable chocolates and her sitting in front of her two twenty four thousand dollar refrigerators chucked full of thirteen dollar a pint ice cream while staying at home not doing her job while hundreds of people were staying overnight in their cars just trying to get a box of food...well I just don't see people being to forgiving of that come November.