SpaceX rocket Launch is a Success !

in news •  11 months ago

Elon Musk's project SpaceX thrilled meny people the other day with a launch the first space shuttle by an individual company. His goal is to colonize Mars and is catching up with former progress from Nasa A government Instatution. Witch can lie and have in fact have in the past. The international space station shutting down and might become Ellon Musk property!!

Here is a video of the launch.

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Wow amazing news just wonderful :)


Upvote me back to back plz i have to complete my Achievement need more 8 vote :):) So Plz.


Their goal is to colonize Mars and catch up with former Progress from a government institute in Nasa. I did not know this news. Which you know through your post. Thanks for your post.

good news for us. thank you giving information.