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Now the era is of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Many people accept the cryptocurrency as a full-time carrier. So we need to always up to date about new changing in cryptocurrency and also on the blockchain. This can be done via update about all news of blockchain and cryptocurrency.


We have developed an app which gives you information about 3 things-

  • News related to cryptocurrency and blockchain.
  • ICO which are trusted and new.
  • Airdrops/Bounty

This app has four tabs-</h3

  • Trending
  • New
  • ICO
  • Airdrop/Bounty


In this section, we publish the news which is very useful for everyone. Also, this is most searched by people.



In this section, we add the news which is recently coming or published.



We have a separate tab for ICO. We are trying to provide trust ICO detail as much possible.



This is the section which is very beneficial for crypto lovers. In this section, they can get coin or token by doing some task before launching.


We give the information of ICO and Airdrop /Bounty at one place which is helpful for all who like to get a free token.

Rate it-

All users should rate it so that we improve more and fix the app bugs.


For all our dear friends there is an option for you to send us feedback. If you want something to update or want to give some suggestion.

How to download-

You can download this app by simply going to Play Store of Andriod. Search Coin Hunt. Install the app which has a similar logo as given in the post.


Contact Us-

Email :
Search us: gentlemanoi#1588
Search us :steemitglass#2784

Thanks for reading this article....,

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Gracias compañero por la información.. soy amante de especializarme con la Criptografia... pero todavía no he empezado a capacitarme. ;(

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Hunting ICOs and such is fun and all but if I put money down I want to know a bit of background. Stick to the top ~30ish coins and you should be good.


yes. we will add a little description about the project.

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