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The North Carolina woman has a warning for her pet owners, after her two dogs died weekend after eating poisonous mushrooms from her yard.

The owner of the dragon owner, St Bernard's owner the following week, and Adoni, an 8-year-old Laboratory Retriever Mix, says she got home on Sunday to find two dogs dead.

She said four other dogs were strange acting - some stumbling around and vomiting. Blood tests at vet show traces of amotoxin, toxins found in poisonous mushrooms.

Professor David Dorman, professor of toxicology at North Carolina State University, suggests that mushrooms are called "death hat" or "death angel" - causing liver failure and no antidote.

Dorman said, "A dog that uses mushrooms can die from 24 to 48 hours, is healthy, clinically ill and can go to a much faster disease syndrome."

Poisonous mushrooms are different in size and color. If you do not know Dorman is safe, if you have mushrooms in your backyard, you would recommend getting rid of them all.

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