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The famous online exchange Coinbase releases a weighted index fund for cryptanalysis.

"This is the easiest and easiest way for Crypto assets that we offer on our exchange," Coinbase President and COO Asif Hargey told CNBC's "Fast Money" Tuesday.

Coinbase Index Fund is the company's current exchange, accredited U.S. for all assets in the GDAX list Gives to investors. Currencies are preferred based on market capitalization.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is a basket of 30 stocks aimed at understanding the American economy, which seeks to reflect the main trends in the cryptography market.

Coinbase is the leading U.S. for major cryptanalysis purchases Market. Professional marketer offers its GDAX Exchange bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin and ethereum. It does not currently provide wavelength or XRP.

The company is cautious when adding new currencies to the conversion and working there to "remove the garbage", says Hijee. But when a new coin is listed, Coinbase says it will automatically be added to the fund CNB.

"There is a lot of discomfort from most SEC around this IOCO-based Tokens," Hariji said. "We're not going to work in black."

At this stage the U.S. Residents are permitted to invest in legal, say Huge, SEC monitoring is a key reason.

Grayscale bitcoin also launched new crypto investment products on Tuesday. The company added four new funds, each having locations in the same cryptocorrotity.

Like the product of Coinbase, Grayscale's new trusts will be awarded to recognized investors with a minimum $ 10,000 investment. But apart from Coinbase, Grayscale has a one-year deadline.

Hargie Coinbase suggests a broader approach, more favorable for individual investors.

"I think investors should not choose specific winners or losers," said Hariji.


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