New Virus Emerges in Florida

in #news3 years ago

A new virus has appeared in Florida.
The virus is common in the animal world, but has never crossed in to the human world up until now.
The new Keystone virus is just another virus among many others like Zika and dengue to jump from the animal kingdom into the human domain.

These viruses are mosquito born viruses.
Normally the Keystone virus jumps between animals via mosquito's, but now has jumped across to humans.



@steeming-hot are you from florida? How did you get this information? seems to be a science lover.....

thanks for sharing valuable information.

I was last winter in Florida and it's something new for me, thanks for the info

It's a good information we had to made a compaign of this type of virus in all social media platform

this virus incubate in mosquito and then goes into human blood through bite of mosquito. very dangerous be safe everyone.

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