Steem Changed My Life For the Better Steem Can Change the World for the Better

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The Thoughts & Feelings about this past weekend Steem Creators Conference. People told me it was one of their best experiences. Not just for conferences but life experiences. It is incredibly flattering. Want to thank all the people who made this all happen. Excuse me if I miss anyone. Going on average of 5 hours sleep a night last 10 days.

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Joined Steem about 6 months ago. On January 3rd, 2018 I put up my first video and got support from DTube. $32 Steem. Very cool. I told 2 of my friends lets invite people to Las Vegas who are having success on Steem. Because we don't know what we are doing & let's steal their ideas. hahaha Just kidding. I fell in Love with Steem and wanted to help others learn & grow with Steem.

Want to give a couple of shout outs to a few people. They may not know it but they impacted my life for the better. Steem has change my life. I can not really express myself. I don't have the words. Steem has changed me in mind, body, heart, and my soul for the better.


@ned. The CEO of Steemit. For providing such an amazing platform. I flew to Austin from Las Vegas for a meetup & Ned showed up. He shared with us the future of Steemit & Steem. Afterwards we spoke w/ each other. He was so gracious, kind, and generous w/ his time. We had on going communication afterwards. Thank you @ned. You have helped me out.


@exyle Literally I know daily or semi-daily you are able to spread the word about Steem. You share with us what is going on in the Steem universe. But not only that you source all your information. Tell us where to find and learn more about the subject matter. Thank you for sharing your great observations, insight & understand of topics relating to Steem.


@roelandp He is the O.G. "the original gangster" He envisioned SteemFest. Excuted SteemFest & SteemFest2. Everyone who was there said it was AWESOME!!! He and his team has set the GOLD, Platinum, 5 Star Standard which conferences, meetups, & meetings for Steem are held to for Steem. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You are an inspiration to all of us. Someday I hope to share a beer with you.

Like to recognize 2 of my early supporters of me. From the very beginning. They continue to support me.


Dtube. The whole Dtube team. What a killer platform and @heimindanger for working so hard. Thank you for the encouragement.


Thank you to @kpine. You ROCK!!! You jumped on my content. You have help me but also so many creators. Thank you very much. Love to have anyone of you on for a 1 on 1 interview. Message me at [email protected] anytime.

Let's talk about the conference. We had no expectations for the conference. We are not professionals by any means. This is not our day job. 3 Key note speakers: Quinn, Joe, & Adam.


@quinneaker WOW now here is a dreamer, doer, and revolutionary! If our goal is to live the most awesome live possible & create a better world, then Quinn's proven experience founding, developing, and living in community may be one of the most valuable perspectives we have on STEEM. His inspiring keynote focused on SOLUTIONS & the power of blockchain technology.


@joeparys Is the consummate professional. Joe got on a plane a mere hours been completely admissible for him to miss the conference altogether. This man is committed to his word and to being an educator. He smashed the stage.


@AdamKokesh Adam was open, honest, and extremely respectful to everyone. Grateful for the time he gave us. Shout out to his celebrity dog Blue. He is considered a radical but after hearing him speak, his ideas didn't seem that radical. He professes love, peace, and understanding. Never going to war for selfish interests and using our countries wealth to help every living citizen, not just corporations and the wealthiest 1%. Doesn't sound that radical to me at all.

All the speakers, presenters, and panels were awesome. Want to recognize 3 in particular.


@happymoneyman. Brandon slayed it. His story was so vivid.


@coruscate Lea is so amazing talented & sweet. You owned that stage.


@scottshots He shared with us his knowledge of photography and he gave a workshop outside. Loved it.

The people came from all over the U.S.A. Philly, San Francisco, San Diego, L.A. New Hampshire, to name a few. One person came from Mexico City. Thank you. Thank you. And, they all came just to hang out with us, we don't know what the expectations was, but, I can't say enough about how I feel right now.





Talk about the team. They worked hundreds of hours before the event. They worked 20 hour days during the conference.


@thundercurator Jacob and Angela what can I say really. Behind the scenes and on stage they handled their business. Jacob also ran the wildly successful "Pitch Party". Love you to 2 the Sun and Back.


@thehoneys Amy & Jamie They were there in the beginning. I never asked the voluneteered to run the show. Jamie the most most MC ever. Puns were awful but nothing is perfect. He is one of good ones. Amy was conference project manager. I trust no one more to get the job done. Thank you.


@larrymorrison My Business Partner. My Friend. Heart of Gold. Student Loan Expert. Steem Slayer. LOA THIS!!!

@ogc MY P.I.C. My Partner In Crime. I am forever indebted to you. Thank you for being the Hammer. When I was to much of a Heart.

I could go on forever. Thank you everyone. I was just a guy with a pink selfie stick, shitty cell phone and a bottle of whiskey. Think about what we all as a community can do together.

The Future.

We are looking at Manila, Brisbance, Mexico City, Rio, Nigeria, Hong Kong, & Kenya.

Steem Creators North September 6-7th Toronto, Canada, $125.00 USD
Steem Creators Conference April 11-13th in Austin, TX. $125.00 USD

Help me reach 25,000 Followers & a 70 Reputation.

Please Follow, Upvote, Comment, & Please Resteem.

Thank you all.





Please support us by delegating 10% of your Steem Power to @steemcreators. This will go towards bring more and more events to the World. And to support Steem Creators. Thank you. Look forward to meeting you.

Bots were used to spread the word to the world. That Steem will Change the World for the Better.


Greetings, steemcafe

Your name is funny. Here in my country (Brazil) "cafe" means coffee hehe.

I'm glad you enjoyed this meeting with the founders of steemit. I think it must have been an opportunity for a lot of learning and excellent exchanges of experience. I wish I was in it.

I think the founders could write or make a video about some meeting showing how the idea of ​​steemit came about and who these people are if they want, of course.

I would like to be part of this team, but here from afar (another country) I can not help much.

I hope steemit will always continue on this path and will never end, because it has changed my life a lot. It added knowledge, friends, exchanges of experiences and still a little money.

Thank you and good night!

Were are you? @julisavio My point is we can start up a steem movement were ever we are it doesnt matter how far. I already started a steem meet up in africa.

i am at brasil!!!

i hope @steemcreators will succeed, because it can help the users to reach out to the most people, and this will benefit especially to the minnows. Thanks for bringing this meet-up post, i've never thought this people are great in real life and helping steemit to promote and get more users to come in. :)

Awesome post man,
Great to meet you and thanks for all your doing for the Steem Community in such short time!

I see a fantastic Steem Powered future of success for you and excited about our future collaborations!

I am uploading a video we did in the studio right now first of many to come soon!


Great post!

Nice .. Really, this is inspiring
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing

People are creators. But I doubt that many realize this. We are not meant to go out into the world and find flawless things, we are not meant to sit down and have flawless things fall into our laps. But we are creators. We can create a beautiful thing out of what we have. The problem with idealistic people is that they see themselves as receivers instead of creators, they end up hunting for the flaw in everything in order to measure it up to their ideals. Now, when you see yourself as a creator, you can look at a chunk of marble and see the angel within it. Then you carve until you have set that angel free

It is certainly time for people to stop using fakebook and get on steemit.

Congrats! STEEM has the potential to change the world more than any other cryptocurrency!!

seems like you threw a helluva event! great! i'm sorry i missed out. Lets do that beer somewhere this year then! cheers! enjoy a well deserved rest!

@roelandp Thank you. I agree let's do a beer. I will bring some artisan whiskey from my hometown. Have a wonderful day. Look forward to meeting you & your team.....You are right I am super tired. hahaha

I have had my own ex wife tell me i was delusinal thinking this was a good use of my time. Now am able to show her she was wrong. revenge is so sweet.

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Looks like A LOT of great energy at that Steem Creators Conference.
Thank you for sharing.

Wow have a nice post @steemcafe.Your post is most inspiring.Thank you so much.

GO TEAM @steemcreators!!!! Such a ridiculous amount of fun, love, support, education and awesome times! A HUGE thank you for putting the event together and inviting me to speak there. Thank you to everyone who was there and made me feel so welcome. I'm at a loss for words when it comes to how special the event was for me. Looking forward to the Austin Steem Creators Conference. Cheers brotha!!!

Oh, and thank you @ned for starting all this! I hope to shake your hand and say thank you in person some day.

Out of curiosity, the Austin event looks to be a year away - April 2019? Or am I misinterpreting? Sounds like a great idea. I'm looking forward to it too!

Yup, one year away. It's going to be a long wait... But it looks like there is one scheduled for Canada in September. I'll see you in Austin!

Thanks for asking!

It's fate that changes.

Resteemed this epic post!

Inspirational post. Love to see you guys together

It is a very good idea that a meeting of this kind is taking place where different opinions come under one roof , people discuss different subject with pros and cons, the sharing of knowledge from different fields will make steemit a great platform in near future

nice team pic

very amazing post dear

And you continue to amaze!! Great post!!! And great is too small of a word to describe the event. Thank you and to all who have worked on making this happen!!!

We will meet again soon! and look at you getting ready to plan events all over the world!!

Next time...
IJ: "Hey OGC, you got 23 seconds to proofread some shit for me?"
OGC: "For you, IJ, I've got 24 seconds."

Love you, kid. You did this.

Thank you IJ for following through with your vision and inviting us along for the journey. You are a Steem hero and am honored to be part of the Steem Creators team. Let's continue rockin' this thing together!

You all obviously had a great time. I would have to start a steemit meet up here to be part of one. It's a great feeling to be amongst like minds.

hello, dear I am new on steemit. i don't know how to post and comment if any mistake forgive me... anyway nice post.FB_IMG_1524188002597.jpg

this is me.

@dipachakma you have successfully posted a comment. congratulations!! for posting blog just click the pencil icon on the right side of the steemit page. I hope this will help you. If you need more help feel free to knock. Warm Regards,

definitely steem has huge potential and change the people who have invested in steem/..

Really amazing weekend @steemcafe thanks again for all you have done and the video is coming out soon :)


nice topic thank 's

@steemcafe it can be tough to live in an area where there is not much awareness for Steemit, and thus no super-cool events. I am going to step up my Steemit game in 2018, so hopefully I can be the change in my area!

Even though I don't run a big channel on steemit, it is right now my favourite and sometimes it is the only thing I look forward to.

@steemcafe this is awesome brother, if its one thing I would love to do more in this community is find the time, to fly out and meet more of the STEEM Community! I can only imagine it being very positive and motivating at the same time! To a more #FInancialFree #Lifestyle! #Onelove

I've always been super bullish on Steem & love Steemit! It definitely isn't going anywhere.... now to take over Facebook! Upvoted your post and followed!

I also want to steemit change my life....What can I do?

This really inspires me to join one of those steam meetups.

Steemit has helped me alot both financially and academically. I use steemit money for my daily money, i use the money to further more for my education and helps my family alot. I learnt some things on steemit which are very good and the sources of someone postings on steemit are good instead of reading some fakes story on youtube

This is amazing. Every time I hear a story like yours, it blows my mind. I hope to one day say that I earn my daily money on steemit too. Thanks for sharing that.

Thanks @nikema where are you from

But @nikema you have much steempower more than me and steem too

I live in California in the US. A dollar doesn’t go as far. I have a ways to go before steem can pay my bills.

What ways @nikema but your post earn much huh. Are you on facebook @nikema

I’m in debt and my expenses are higher than my income. $1000 usd a month would help a lot.

I’m on Facebook but not really active there because I’m focusing on Steemit.

Same too but can i add you up on facebook. What your facebook username

To build steemit to change life to a better direction, it takes cooperation, hard work and cohesiveness and help each other. I strongly support that change.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-11 at 13.33.15 (1).jpeg

Greetings togetherness development,

It's fate that changes.

Hi , I am new in steemit , pls help me how to improve it.

It’s really a great platform filled with lots of talented people’s

Wow! I'm really happy for your life dude. I believe the first time you were tild about steemit you will surely be in doubt thinking it might be one of those scams outside there. But i'm very happy that you really tried it out and at the end you are showing appreciations, good of you sir.
Meet ups are always very interesting and rewarding because they create new opportunities, ideas and a lot of benefit due to the fact that you get yourself acquainted with other steemians that know more than you and vice versa. Imagine having meet ups with the CEO!!!! Great!! Steem on.

What @ inspired way to tell people that steemit is the way.
I am still new in the game of steemit and tried a lot of different stories to get the upvote I need. Still not much progress.

First day on steemit, glad to join this amazing comunauty. We will change the world ! Vive la liberte !

Great things!!! Im proud to enjoy steemit family!!

I like this post,
Reblog already..

Steemit has change many lives and I could testify it anywhere.
Few months ago before I joined steemit, I was about to suspend my studies due to my inability to pay up my fees, but a friend introduced me to steemit, and in no time I generated enough funds to settle my fees.
Apart from the financial aspect, I have benefitted from steemit in many aspects of life including intellectually. Inforamtive and inspiring posts from great people like @exyle @alexbayman @steemcafe @investing @joeparys and many others, has helped boost my intellectual capability.
I could ask for more. Thank you @ned for Steemit (Saviour).

when i start work in bitcoin its only 1000 usd. but in the 2-3 years its go to7000 to 14000 usd.
we get inspring by it. if we invest. we will back 400-500% back in few years. its a great method to earn money

This was so lovely to read through. It was indeed such an amazing initiative, everyone seems to have nothing but praises for what went down.
It's encouraging to see there are people out here who want nothing but the best for this platform to succeed.
Your growth is phenomenal @steemcafe, what you have managed to accomplish in such a short period of time is very impressive.
The sky is just the starting point, mount on.

Salute all you beautiful people who have helped change my life for the best. I love that I see two black brother at least. What a time to be alive!!!

I want to study in steemit, so that I can successfully live this life, how can you please teach me to be smart how to convey something in steemit, thank you

Thanks to @steemcafe who has told me a very useful experience for everyone all over the world, I realize the experience is the best of teacher,
here I can take a very valuable experience all over the world. I realize that steemit is very different from other social media like facebook, twinter, Whatsaap in others.
I see a business force awakened together here and together to build the strength and disteemit of mutual benefit from each other.
and a very special remark to @net Scott that has changed the changing world as it is today

I am very confident in the beginning of 2020 Steem changes very powerful and we will win together later
the experience of friends all will be a force for my life
thanks to friends:
@exyle, @roelandp, @kpine, @quinneaker, @joeparys, @AdamKokesh, @happymoneyman. @coruscate @scottshots, @thundercurator, @larrymorrison,@ogc, @steemcreators.

for the experience that has been told here, we love you all
from indonesia.

Yes bro, Steemit is one of the best site to earn money.i think if you want to faithful money you should try to steemit work.i believe it not bit ray with you. I am so happy for your glad dear..keep it up dear for your next destination..always with us dear.

yes, Steemit can do anything,

but this bot system of voting is bad, it will destroy the Steem.

This post inspires me to push harder with my own projects! Thank you for sharing your efforts with the growing community that is steemit!


It is a virtual community that not only adds value financially and intellectually to its members. But a technological advancement that keeps improving the quality of people's lives. Thumbs up to @steemcafe for exposing a terrific truth. You undoubtedly and undeniably deserve some accolades!

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Great pics of supercars.

Wow this is a Amazing story for all steemit user.Really steemit can change our life share that amzing article post.i like it.Many many Thanks.

Really wish time hadn't been an issue.
Looking forward to speaking at the next one though.
I appreciate the offer.
Great job!

This is an inspiring story, the pictures look great!

I threw in my lil 10% Thanks to everyone who made the Steem Creators Conference a great time. Looking forward to Austin :)

excellent sir . really the way this community grow up it will be take all active steemians as their own goal . its so inspiring to all the new comer like us.

Very good and inspiring post.
Steem is slowly changing my life too. Slowly, but nothing is fast at start. It need patience and practice.
Keep going! ;)

Congrats both of you ♥
God bless

Thanks @steemcafe By sharing the experience, I am new in steemit and really has been of great help to me. Congratulations I will continue learning from you.

YEAH!!! Great post, and an even better event!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for an excellent week here in Vegas. It is super inspiring to unite with the Steemians in real life, and my steem hat off to you for pulling off this fantastic conference.

I'm honored to work with your team, and I'm so excited about the future!!!

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There's a lot going on there. Wow

My life with blogger was empty untill Steemit became...

Your post was amazing and absolutely inspiring. Shoutout to the people behind steemit for this wonderful platform. I do also hope that someday I will reach the success you people are savoring now. I need to learn a lot more from guys like you. Keep up the good work!

Congratulations . God bless you

Superstar lineup.

great article
I am new to Steemit, Do follow and upvote me!
Thank you so much

very nice group :)

i want to do like you

Very Inspiring post! Thank you. May Steemit being a blessing to many.

Steem really changes people's life and am looking forward for my turn.

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you are right,thanks.

You and the whole team totally smashed it brother! The amount of love, creativity and character you guys used to bring this to the world is off the charts!! So grateful I got to experience it and be among this amazing cast of characters you assembled.:) You brought out the best in all of us.

Wooowww amazing post ..!!

I like & I love your post ;)

Great rundown on the steem creators conference.looks like a great time was had by all👍🏻

Oh, great that is quite an inspiration.

Hai there. I need your support. Please give me some sbd for up my sp. Thanks

Read this twice.. still can't find any real information about what was covered in discussion over 3 days conference. Looks like a long party was had.. and judging from the non reporting of anything meaningful or substantial, my guess is the speakers used the opportunity for self promotion.

This post lacks any merit journalistically or even as a blog post by an amateur. It's bad for steemit to see the pathetic bootlicking. My opinion.

This is very enlightening and informative. I have plans to share because I have some ideas. However, I would like a conversation first. This post seemed to be a moral upright one which is good. Good bless!

Do you share your life here

Hello @steemcafe.
A very young team, but with excellent people, helping each other grow.
In the future I would like to attend one of those meetings, but in the near term, I would like to have enough economic freedom to buy a new camera and continue practicing my passion, photography.
Greetings from Colombia.

Sahabat terindah.

Yes i agree that steemit change our life.

Looks like all that attended enjoyed the trip and event, #STEEMIT for the win!

Steem is gradually changing my life too even though i'm new on this platform.
Thanks to the creators of Steem.

A friend introduced me to steemit, at first I only accept the platform because of its awesome incentive which is rewards for posting but as I go more deeply in it I discovered steemit don't only reward for good contents but it also gives out free education to the users. To lack information is to be in the dark. I will still elucidate the more on what I mean by steemit offering free education to its users if am asked to do so.

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